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the international full-service provider of cleaning systems, cleaning chemicals, technology and process design.

We fulfill your cleaning requirements

for PCB assemblies, DCBs, hybrids, ceramic substrates,
for screens, stencils, PumpPrints,
for solder frames, carriers, condensate filters, cyclones, pipes,
for PCB magazines, containers, ESD equipment, ESD areas,
for machine parts, production tools,
for bulk, turned and milled parts, complex parts


From April 25 - 27 kolb Asia will exhibit a PSB500 H70 and a PS300 2HY cleaning system in their booth at the German Pavilion.

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Since January 1 Dr. Oliver Fastje is responsible product manager as well as head of application engineering and training for the area of chemistry.

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German magazine for the electronics manufacturing industry EPP reports about global water consumption and kolb's efforts to save the resource.

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kolb now offers for its PSB cleaning systems a recycling module which extends the usability of rinsewater by a multiple.

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